Takashi Matsumoto

Media Designer

Senior Researcher at Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation
Research Fellow at Kyushu University Archives


Takashi Matsumoto is a media designer. His special field is design of social Interaction bridging tangible objects, real-world experiences, and network services. He designs digital gadgets and contents to give new experiences in urban life with tangible operations of information.

Currently he serves as a senior researcher in Historic Buildings Group, Center for Urban Space Engineering and a manager in R&D Planning Department at Insitute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation, where he leads design projects of digitalized cities. His research focus is to make built environment computer interfaces. His works range over various topics from UI/UX design to digital archives. He is also delegated as a Research Fellow of Kyushu University Archives to pursue archival studies of architectural, design and university history.

He has been designing concepts of advanced interactive media. Pileus: The Internet Umbrella is one of his representative works. This is an interactive medium to make city exploring fun giving natural interactions for web services with a large display and embedded sensors on the umbrella. Pileus was awarded "Prix de l'innovation" at Laval Virtual 2007 and invited to events worldwide including a public art gallery, a fashion tradeshow, and science festivals. Other works include Z-agon: a cubic video player at Keio University, Post-Bit: e-paper memo stickies at FXPAL (FX Palo Alto Laboratory) , Responsive Mirror at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), and so on.

Previously he served as an Assistant Professor of Kyushu University Institute for Advanced Study from 2012 to 2017. There he pursued research at The Kyushu University Museum and teaching at Kyushu University School of Design. Before Kyushu, he was a senior research fellow at National University of Singapore School of Computing from 2010 to 2011. He did interns at Ubiquitous Computing team of PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) Computer Science Laboratory in 2007 and Interactive Media group of FXPAL (FX Palo Alto Laboratory) in 2004-2005. In academic societies, he is/was a committee member of AutoUI '23, AutoUI '22, TVX2014, APCHI2012, TEI'10, TEI '09 and Ubicomp 2006.

He earned his Ph.D. in Media and Governance with a doctoral dissertation entitled "Embodied Web Interaction" (March 2008: supervisor Dr. Naohito Okude) at Keio University SFC Media Design program. He was awarded Keio President's Encourage Prize for excellence of his research operations in 2006. He earned his master's degree in Media and Governance from Keio with Summa Cum Laude and Keio Aiso Prize (Sept. 2005). He earned BA in Environmental Information from Keio with Summa Cum Laude and the Keio SFC Student Award for the Z-agon project (Sept. 2003). He had taken an specialistic education of Piano at Toho Gakuen School of Music - The Music School for Children during 1985-1997.


mail [at] takashimatsumoto.com


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2006-2010 Pileus LLC / Keio Univ.

2002-2006 Keio Univ. / JST-CREST

Smart Elevator Hall
2020 Shimizu Corp. (image source: link)

2004-2008 FXPAL

Autonomous Delivery Robot
2021 Shimizu Corp. (image source: link)

2011 NUS School of Computing

2005 ipodj project